On our apple farm everything revolves around apples and our staff, who contribute to a good harvest by means of their hard work and commitment. A sense of solidarity, finding joy in our work and mutual trust are important to us. And we do a great deal in order to achieve this ...   

A long tradition, ingenious methods of cultivation in accordance with strict Demeter standards and 8 businesses which produce high quality organic apples with the greatest dedication - this is what the Augustin fruit growing community brings together. Who are we? What do we do?      

Do you prefer hearty, sour fruity or rather sweet-sour and spicy apples? 

The Augustin varieties guarantee a taste
experience – for allergy sufferers too! 

Read all about our apples here.   

Interested in finding out what there is to know about apples and their cultivation?

Read more about facts such as whether pesticides are also used in organic fruit farming or what frost protection irrigation is or why our apples are not as cheap as in discount stores.   


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