Fruit Farm and Cultivation

Utilising the forces of nature – Demeter Fruit Farming

Demeter fruit farming utilises the forces ...

... of nature. Soil, plants and human beings benefit equally from this utilisation. Some of the important building blocks in Demeter philosophy are regularly applied bio-dynamic preparations. They stimulate microbiological activity in the soil, thereby strengthening the plants’ natural powers of resistance. The result: particularly tasty fruit with superior vital energy.

Homeopathy on the field

Bio-dynamic preparations are sub-divided into sprays and compost preparations. Tiny amounts of sprays such as horn manure and horn silica are swirled into water. This dynamised water is then applied to plants and the soil. Here an energetic effect instead of a material one unfolds, in the same way that homeopathic medicines are known to work.

Medicinal plant extracts promote soil life

Compost preparations contain medicinal plants such as chamomile, dandelion, stinging nettle, oak bark, yarrow or valerian. They are collected on the Augustin Fruit Farm according to specific maturity criteria, then dried and dug into the soil over winter in accordance with specific guidelines. During this time these preparations bind the cosmic forces of nature. In spring, homeopathic quantities are included in the farm’s own compost and in so doing a particularly balanced fertilizer is created. This compost actively supports soil life, which is, not least, reflected by the particularly high quality of the apples.

Scientifically validated effects

Both preparations have a balancing and harmonising effect on plant growth. This has also been scientifically proven. An experiment at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FibL) shows that soil becomes richer in humus and more alive when treated with preparations and that plants display increased resistance when exposed to extreme conditions such as dryness, moisture and pests. Furthermore, we have discovered on our farm that the soil and the taste of the apples improve and that the overall health of the fruit trees increases.

More effort, greater opportunities

In comparison to the guidelines of other organic associations, Demeter means one thing in particular: more work. But it also provides one with the greatest opportunities for the further development of organic agriculture and finally also for oneself. And this is exactly what we are striving to achieve. We want to continue to develop our cultivation methods in harmony with nature while also maturing as individuals.


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