Fruit Farm and Cultivation

Where fruit farming is steeped in tradition - Altes Land

Apples from the Augustin Organic Fruit Farming Community ...

... thrive in Altes Land, one of the loveliest and most tradition-steeped landscapes in Northern Germany. This region seems made for the cultivation of organic apples. Because the fertile alluvial marshland soil and the cool, temperate maritime climate provide the very best prerequisites for healthy and tasty organic apples.

Monks with a pioneering spirit

Monks from the nearby monastery in Stade already came to recognize this 600 years ago. They initially began with the methodical cultivation of pome and stone fruit – a pioneering spirit which was to have a lasting influence on the region. Today Altes Land includes more than 3.5 million fruit trees and is therefore the largest contiguous fruit growing area in Northern Europe. In addition to apples, top quality pears, cherries, plums and berries are also harvested here.

Not much skin, lots of flavour

It is above all the climate which makes apples from Altes Land so very special. Their skin remains thin because they are exposed to the sun for limited amounts of time. This provides them with a pleasant bite. And it makes cooking, baking and raw preparation easier because peeling is no longer necessary.

Moreover, apples from Altes Land entice eaters with their high proportion in fruit acids. This ideal ratio of fructose and acid provides a particularly intensive flavour, which apple lovers know to appreciate.

For further information on Altes Land, please visit the Jork Municipality and the Neuenfelde 900 year society.


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